Earth Day – Proiectul pentru prezentarea din Rusia


Earth Day @ EGEA


Earth Day


    A better world full of respect for the earth.



   Improving the way children get along with the environment while getting to know the host country, EGEA entity and members.




·       Interacting with children in schools and highschools or orphanages

·       Teaching about the importance of environment

·       Excursions in the surrounding areas

·       Learning the language(basic words)

·       Traditional EGEA-events

·       Earth-Day activities(movie projections)




The project EarthDay@EGEA was a local project of EGEA Cluj-Napoca. A few members of our entity organized on 22 of April 2008 this activity of geography students in Cluj-Napoca. They tried to tell children in schools trough different ways (games, presentations etc.) about the importance of environment.


    This project tries to become an international one with help of the EGEA framework. The aim is to connect geographers all over Europe to fight for the wellbeing of our planet.


    The idea is to organize in the week with the 22 of April 2009 an exchange all over Europe in which students promote the idea of EarthDay in schools. Every entity should have their own program. Also in this time there is the possibility to organize a film projection with movies about different environmental topics, also under the EarthDay worldwide activities.  







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